Analysis of osteoporosis

analysis of osteoporosis,The greatest value in this course is from applying the information, concepts, and principles learned to your area of personal and focused interest. This assignment gives you an opportunity to choose the pathology that you want to investigate and analyze or to choose a patient/client you are or have worked with and analyze in a case report. See rubric in the syllabus for grading criteria.

  1. Comprehensive case report based on a patient/client under your care. The content will include a summary of the patient’s past medical history, current medical and physical therapy issues, and medication regimen. Your analysis of the pathophysiology and medication interventions should include the following:

Introduction and thesis statement
Pertinent overview of relevant patient/client information (please keep your patient’s identity confidential) such as reason for referral to PT, past medical and surgical history, medications, apply to disablement model – be specific
Review of the pathophysiology of main medical diagnoses, supported by the literature review
Review of medications, mechanism of action, and adverse effects, supported by a literature review and discussion of relevant research
Identification of response/progression of the medical and physical therapies
Recommendations, with emphasis on relevance and importance to the physical therapist (must include discussion of the implications and role of PT in pharmacological management)

  1. Analysis of a unique pathology of particular interest to you and your practice that includes:

Introduction and thesis statement
Overview of the pathophysiology, incidence and etiology, clinical manifestations, medical diagnosis, prognosis, brief overview of medical management
Review of drug therapies/class used in treatment of the disorder
Common generic/trade names
Indications/common uses
Pharmacodynamics; mechanism of actions
Adverse drug effects
Relevant Research
Analysis of effects of special concern to the physical therapist; must include discussion of the role of PT in pharmacological management

The final project should not exceed 8-10 pages (not including title page, appendices, and references), should be double-spaced, adhering to APA format and style, and include a minimum of 8 references (12 preferred), at least 6 of which must be from journals. No more than 3-4 quotations per written assignment. All citations in the paper must appear in the reference list, and all references must be cited in the text of the paper.

It is required that both your midterm paper/project and final paper be posted for your classmates so that they may benefit from your research and analysis

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