Analyzing Cultural Relevance

Analyzing Cultural Relevance in Instruction

In Chapter 12, Wardle (2013) summarizes the important characteristics of a culturally relevant teacher. Use this information as a guide or resource throughout this assignment to help inspire your thinking as you apply your knowledge of culturally relevant pedagogy toward specific solutions to problems facing a teacher with a very diverse student population. This exercise provides excellent practice over the application of culturally relevant principles in the design of effective instructional solutions. You will need to design such instructional solutions within the Final Project, so it is very important to practice such skills here. Specifically, for this assignment, you will view a brief video taken with a cell phone by a student in a high school social studies class.The video (Bliss, 2013) documents a meltdown Bliss experienced during his World History course at Duncanville High School in Duncanville, Texas. A transcript of the audio is provided in the Instructor Guidance for this week along with other detailed assistance for completing this assignment.

After reviewing the Instructor Guidance for this task, create your assignment to meet the content and written communication expectations below.

Content Expectations

  • Video Analysis Questions (2 points): Answer the questions below based on your inferences and ideas after viewing the events captured in the cellphone video.
    1. Description: What is the problem (from Jeff Bliss’s perspective as well as from Ms. Phung’s perspective)?
    2. Diagnosis: What probably caused it? Who benefits? Who loses? What position do you take on this issue?
    3. Solution: How could a more equitable, culturally relevant approach to the class improve the situation? How might Ms. Phung respond differently to Jeff’s concerns?
  • Equity Strategies (2.5 points): Describe any equity strategies you noticed or inferred being implemented in the video. Suggest at least one strategy for each of the four categories that the teacher could have utilized to help meet student needs in a more equitable fashion.
    1. Instruction
    2. Classroom Environment
    3. Student Grouping
      • Student Recognition/Leadership
  • Culturally Relevant Strategies (2.5 points): Describe evidence of any culturally relevant pedagogy in action in the cellphone video and suggest at least three strategies that could be used to create a more culturally relevant classroom. Such strategies might be drawn from the following areas:
    1. Maximizing academic success through relevant instructional experiences
    2. Addressing cultural competence through reinforcing students’ cultural integrity
    3. Involving students in the construction of knowledge
    4. Building on students’ interests and linguistic resources
    5. Tapping home and community resources
    6. Understanding students’ cultural knowledge
    7. Using interactive and constructivist teaching strategies
    8. Examining the curriculum from multiple perspectives
    9. Promoting critical consciousness through opportunities to challenge predominant elements of the students’ social norms

Written Communication Expectations

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