Case Study: Doctor shortage

Case Study: Doctor shortage
Review the article and answer the questions that are presented at the end of the case. You are required to seek a
minimum of 2 external resources, for this assessment. Your final discussion should be professional, include detailed
information, and be void of opinion. This assessment requires the use of FULL APA 6th ed. formatting. The use of
APA level headings in this discussion will allow for organization and flow of discussion and is a recommended
component.Consists of a minimum 650 words in the core discussion (excludes title page, abstract, running headers,
reference page information)CASE STUDY #1 SYNOPSIS
1. Is there a shortage of physicians overall, or only in key areas (both geographically and by specialty)?
2. What are the key barriers to increasing the number of physicians (consider primary care and specialty
3. What policies might be used to address these issues?
4. What can hospitals do to recruit and retain physicians? Consider recruitment tactics that are not misguiding
(for example avoid tactics such as – new construction, new vision)
5. What impact does physician-hospital integration and alignment have on the physician shortage?
6. What impact does international medical programs have on the physician shortage?
7. Using a table or chart include the projected physician shortages. Include a paragraph of discussion to explain
your table or chart. (You may use a chart/table from a resource rather than create your own. Be sure to
reference the tool correctly according to APA 6th ed. Chapter 5).
8. Given the layered aspects of the physician shortage and the understanding that filling this gap reaches
beyond the medical schools, what are some alternative strategies?
9. Select one panel expert and choose to agree or disagree with their position on how to alleviate the physician

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