Choose and describe a scientific technique or practice related to genetics and eugenics.

This week, we are learning about issues surrounding human genetics and eugenics, including stem cell research, cloning, and genetic testing and treatment. •Choose and describe a scientific technique or practice related to genetics and eugenics. Provide the rationale behind the use of this technique or practice. •Discuss your thoughts and ideas regarding the technique or practice. Is it ever justifiable? Why or why not? 2.Animal research is a necessary practice in the world of medical research, allowing scientists to develop life-saving interventions and to spot catastrophic problems before new techniques or products make their way to actual patients. However, this does not mean that we should deny that there are serious ethical issues involved. Animal testing is not a pretty or pleasant process. It causes pain and suffering to animal subjects, and legitimate cases of abuse have been uncovered by animal rights groups. Consequently, the practice should be tightly regulated, and alternative methods should be employed whenever possible. Discussion Prompt •Discuss a specific research study involving animals that had ethical issues. •What were the ethical issues involved? •What could have been done to conduct the research study differently to avoid these ethical issues? 3.Discussion Prompt •Is abortion morally wrong? •Should abortion be illegal? Discussion Prompt: Choose one of the questions above and argue both sides with supporting evidence. 4.Does a person in need of an organ transplant have a moral right to obtain that transplant, supposing the availability of the needed organ? How should we choose who gets a transplant, supposing that there are not enough organs for all who need them?

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