Community Gardening and its Economic Impact

Economics 2301 and 2302, Fall 2022


As Lauri Brunton and Erin Fournier from “The Sanctuary Garden” once said, “In our everyday lives, we may accept change grudgingly. In the garden, however, we nurture and celebrate its gardens remind us that we are part of a larger universe.” â€“ Lauri Brunton and Erin Fournier from “The Sanctuary Garden.” Indeed, we are part of the larger universe, and our share with the universe will only be realized when we are fully engaged in promoting and developing our neighborhood and community gardening as a way to eating healthy, connecting with one another, and becoming educated on nature and gardening.  


I have the pleasure to share with you that TSC has embarked upon establishing its first “TSC community gardens and greenhouse.” A group of leaders and faculty members are involved in making this project successful. The project is in its implementation phase, and soon the garden will have its first fruits ready to serve our TSC community. 


As a student of TSC, we invite you to have a tour of our garden when time permits. In the meantime, I would invite everyone in class to participate in completing an assignment intended to alert our students so they beneficiary of this project. 


Take a one-page paper, do some research and write with your own opinion what are the economic impacts of community gardening to our community and what benefits society in general generates community gardening. 


This is a 20-point assignment, and it should be completed by the 15 of November. 

Take advantage of this assignment to boost also your grade point average. 

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

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