Create a social and economic snapshot of the country.

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The sources should be scholarly.

Please make sure you make it as much simple as possible.
In this project, you are expected to choose an underdeveloped country as a case study and explain pertinent development related trends and patterns in last five years in that country.

Some important links:

You can use this link to identify a country for your project:
Another useful link is:!/data

See World bank, United nations, IMF and WTO websites too.

For this research paper, you will make use of at least FOUR scholarly sources on you country of choice. I expect see 8-10 references in total.
Your paper should include the following sections. Consider the following points while writing each section:
1. Socio-economic snap shot: (30 points)
Create a social and economic snapshot of the country. Find data on social and economic indicators (economic indicators, income distribution, GDP or GNI, health measures, education measures, vulnerability to climate, %age of poor, access to internet or electricity. There should be at least 8 measures) for your selected country. Create charts and graphs for these various economic and social indicators that show your country in comparison to average in this region.

2. Relationship with organizations: (30 points)
Collect data on the country’s relationships with the IMF, World Bank and WTO (e.g., does it have loans out with the IMF and WB and if so, for what? Has it filed any claims in the WTO or taken vocal positions on any issues?)

3. Social Problem(s): (40 points)
And, finally what are the economic, social and political challenges the country faces today (e.g., inflation? Severe inequality? Malnutrition? HIV? Political instability? War?). Discuss in detail TWO most prominent social problems in your country.

Basically, you are responsible for becoming an expert on your country’s social and economic situation over the last five years, or so.


You do not need to attach copies of your four articles to your papers. Be certain, however, to provide full citations to them.

What is a scholarly source?

A source that is peer reviewed or published in a recognized scholarly source, like a journal or a university publisher. It can be a book or an article. Such articles or books target specific audience, typically people in specializing in a particular field.

IMPORTANT: Although review papers are scholarly publications, DO NOT use them for this paper.
What is NOT a scholarly source?

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