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I have to respond to the following statements of my classmates. Please provide at 100-200 words to each statement with a reference.


The video discussed the power of predictability on an individual basis, and went over the some uses in health care.  Some disturbing thoughts that I have is the close relation that predictability and profiling have in common.  The power to predict how individuals will live, can give vital information to organizations that can either help or have a negative impact on health care. Research facilities can use information to determine how diseases affect certain individuals.  Insurance companies can use predictability to determine how much risk a person is to insure, this can greatly influence the amount an individual will have to pay to have coverage.  I am a huge fan of using data for the prevention of disease, and improving our lives.  My concern with the use of predictability data is organizations using it to save their operational costs, and pass the additional costs on to the individual.


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A great video on the how far health care has come, along with how much more health care can be improved.  I like the idea of having more parts of the health care team involved with the entire circle of an individuals health.  The use of dietitians and physical therapies are under utilized in my opinion and can offer more services then what we have been accustomed to. The speaker touched on using yoga for stress relief and that it can be beneficial in treating high blood pressure.  Having more team members involved in a patient centered care model may increase the overall cost of health care.  But as health care evolves cost savings can be found in other areas to help reduce the overall cost.  The speaker discussed the electronic health care record, and how that has helped his practice and the hospital he treats patients at.  Other physicians in his practice has the same information, and the entire medical chart of the patient.  The overall health care system can be reworked to reduce the overall cost, which can easily pay for any increases that might come about due to the additional team members involved with a persons health.


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