Do you think U.S. culture is ready for a woman president? Why or why not?

this is my HIS classroom question:

145 years after the end of the Civil War, the United States elected is first black President.  In the primary, Barack Obama was running against a white woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  In the election, his opponent was an aging white war veteran, John McCain.

Please address all of the following.  Use sources to support your conclusions (and remember to cite them)

  • Agree or disagree with the following statement and justify your answer: “The election of President Obama was not a victory for the civil rights movement but a sign of the increase diversity of the American population, which is generally more willing to accept people of color.”
  •  Defend or argue against former President Jimmy Carter’s statement: “Many politicians disagree with President Obama just because he is black.”
  • Do you think U.S. culture is ready for a woman president?  Why or why not?

This my Bus classroom question

“Do you have what it takes to make an effective plan?”  Please respond to the following:

Discuss one to two (1-2) benefits of the planning stage for managers. Next, describe your planning process at work or school. Your response should include how you know when you need to develop a plan, how long you take to plan for a project or work related event, and the elements that an effective project or operational plan should comprise.

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