Explain how an anamorphosis species can affect native plants and animals

Part 1
I would like you to research one adaptation for 5 plants and 5 animals (can be any type of adaptation that allows that species to survive and reproduce) and write a few sentences explaining each one (does not have to be long). You need to include the name and a picture of each plant and animal you write about.

For example …

1) Male peacock -> Insert picture of a male peacock.

Adaptation: Male peacocks grow very long bright feathers in order to attract females. This is an indication of fitness and shows how healthy and strong they are. It also helps them survive because predators are scared of the long multicolored feathers.

2) Sunflower -> Insert picture of a sunflower

Adaption: Sunflowers have very flat and wide leaves. This allows them to absorb the most amount of sunlight possible and make enough glucose through photosynthesis.

Part 2
Research and briefly explain the following terms in your own words (You can not copy and paste or use another person’s descriptions) …

1. Native vs invasive plant species

2. Explain how an anamorphosis species can affect native plants and animals

3. Abiotic vs biotic factors

4. Co-evolution

5. Convergent evolution

Brief information about Edgewood Park: can be anything

7. Bay checkerspot butterfly: information about it and why it is endagered

8. Serpentine soil

9. How to recognize poison oak

10. Adaptions to nutrient poor soil

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