Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the network model(s)

3–4-page report written in Word

ou have been asked by Redline Motors & Equipment, a local motor and performance parts company, to install a network in its new office. The corporate office use to be located within the warehouse, and a small office was leased in a remote location. Due to the lease being up on their remote location, and space being limited and cramped in the warehouse, the company built a 3 story corporate office. Some specifications for their new office and warehouse include:

  • 50 computers and 7 printers in the corporate building for their sales and other representatives including management
    • There are a total of 10 offices located throughout the corporate building
  • 10 laptops are used throughout the warehouse with 3 printers spread throughout the building (the warehouse is located on the opposite end of a parking lot from the corporate office) Communication is needed between the warehouse and the main 3 story office building. TIP: Think fiber optic between buildings and why?

Security should be taken into consideration based on the fact that customer information and their payment methods will be in the computer systems. At this point in time Redline is not concerned about software or upgrades, they have a system in place they like and are going to expand that

Write a 3–4-page report detailing your network design that includes the following:

  • What type of network architecture/model or topology would you recommend? LAN, WAN or a combination of both.
  • What end devices would you recommend using and why?
  • What network media would you recommend using and why?
  • What other network designs are not the best solution and why? (E.g., bus, ring, etc.).
  • How is your network design scalable should Redline decide to expand in the future ?
  • Be sure to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the network model(s) that you recommended.

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