Explore global opportunities for your selected brand or product.

Assignment 6.2: Deliverable — Going Global


In this assignment you will explore factors to take your selected product or service global. For the final marketing plan in Module 8, write the section of the plan that will explore global opportunities for your selected brand or product.


Add the following information to the plan:

  1. Select one country where the product could be successful. Explain how your product could be expanded into the global marketplace including:
    • The selected country’s current marketplace and competitive environment.
    • The country’s economic situation.
    • Detail one cultural value that matches your home country’s consumer values and attitudes.
    • Detail two demographic characteristics of your proposed target market.
    • What type of advertising strategy needs to be considered? For example, would a standard ad campaign produced in the home country work or does the advertising need to be modified to match the country’s societal values and attitudes?
    • A recommendation for expanding into the selected country based on research and the likelihood of generating customer interest in the product or service.
  2. Your assignment deliverable must be three to five pages and include a minimum of three sources. Format, cite, and reference your sources in APA  style.

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