extra credit writing opportunity 400 words for tha105


Live Performance Review: This assignment is worth up to 4 points of extra credit. As one learns to act, one should also learn to

develop the ability to recognize technical, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual skill in other performers, and then communicate

effectively about the experience of witnessing those moments. This two-paragraph paper (about 400 words) must DESCRIBE

SPECIFIC ACTIONS in the performance, which should then be used to UNLOCK/UNPACK THE OVERALL THEME/MEANING of

the play. The first paragraph should describe one or more MAJOR ACTIONS, and the second paragraph should explain how

those actions relate to one of the play’s THEMES. The performance in question should be discussed and/or analyzed in terms of

the various acting techniques and theories we will be studying this semester in a thoughtful manner. This assignment is

intended to give students an opportunity to develop creative, critical, sophisticated responses to live performance, as well as

train the actor’s ability to analyze dialogue in terms of ACTION. It is to be original, descriptive, and critical of the acting and

behavior of the actors in the productions, not a review of the play or production itself.