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Assignment Overview

Type: Individual Project

Unit:  Project Quality & HR Management

Due Date:  Wed, 8/2/17

Grading Type: Numeric

Points Possible:  100

Points Earned:  0

Deliverable Length:  1–2 pages; Complete the template as directed

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Assignment Details

 Assignment Description

Additional Information

The team returned and discussed their ideas about the budget impacts on the project scope. The brainstorming session went very well, with a lot of input from the entire team. You now have more than enough project cost information to share with Sam and Gloria. The discussion again turns to the best way to present the information. Jim shares some insight on Sam and Gloria with the team.

“Sam and Gloria will have different concerns and issues on project human resources and quality management,” says Jim. “Sam will focus more of his attention on the qualifications of people, while Gloria will be concerned with the cost of additional resources and services and quality for the project.”

“Sam and Gloria really liked our MS Project schedule presentation,” says Jerry.

“I agree, we should just continue to build our MS Project schedule and this time assign cost and human resources for all activities,” says Sara. “We should include a plan on how we’re going to manage quality; otherwise, they will ask us how we plan to handle that. Let’s just prepare a simple 1-page quality management plan using this template and present it with the updated MS Project schedule” says Jerry.

“The MS Project cost should include the salary and budget information that we shared in our team discussion,” you say. “We should also consider the cost of possible overtime pay. And yes Jerry, I can fill out this simple quality management plan document.”

“Don’t forget the cost of additional people, equipment, and technology for team members and the cost of the services rendered by the vendors,” says Sara. “It should include additional maintenance and training costs as well.”

“Oh, that’s great!” says Jim, turning to you. “Do you think you can prepare another version of the MS Project Plan and the Quality Management Plan for the team? You did such a great job the last time.”

“Sure,” you say. “I’ll have it ready to review at our next meeting.”


During your final check of your MS Project schedule, you review your notes from the meeting to be sure you have covered salary and budget information from your discussions, and the cost of overtime, additional people, equipment, and technology. Also include the cost of services rendered by the vendors.

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For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

 Other Information


CTU Model Answer:

  1. The students should use the resource sheet in their MS Project schedule to enter the names of the resources as well as cost estimates. It is also acceptable to enter those in columns on the main summary page, but students should get used to entering them directly in the resource sheet. Cost and resources can be hypothetical. There shouldn’t be a focus on providing real cost estimates.
  2. The quality management plan should be kept simple and focused on those areas the student feels a quality management plan is necessary to ensure quality.

Instructor’s Comments:

Help with MS Project:

  1. The Project Management Learning Center provides Live MS Project instruction on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM CDT, Archived recordings of this MS Project Instruction, and also provides a series of 5-10 minute tutorials for all aspects of MS Project required in this and other project management courses.
  2. The Project Quality Management Plan TEMPLATE you are required to use is posted on the Unit 4 Learning Resources page.

heer is the quality management plan template 

 Quality Management Plan Template

1      Project Quality Management

At the highest of levels Quality Management involves planning, doing, checking, and acting to improve project quality standards. PMI PMBOK breaks the practice of Quality Management into three processes: Quality Planning (QP), Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC). The following sections define how this project will apply each of these processes to define, monitor and control quality standards.

1.1         Quality Planning

[Identify which quality standards are relevant to the project and how to satisfy them. Identify and define appropriate quality metrics and measures for standards for project processes, product functionality, regulatory compliance requirements, project deliverables, project management performance, documentation, testing, etc. Identifies the acceptance criteria for project deliverables and product performance]

1.1.1     Define Project Quality

[Identify quality standards and expectations for customers, the project, organization and federal regulations, define customer and project goals, quality standards, critical success factors, and metrics for which to measure success, and outline acceptance criteria for project deliverables and product performance.]

1.1.2     Measure Project Quality

[Identify desired metrics and related monitoring processes for which to measure quality standard, develop a plan for measuring quality, define methods of data collection and archiving, and document timeframe for measurement and metrics reporting.]

1.2         Quality Assurance

[Identify and define those actions, and the metrics to measure them, that provide the confidence that project quality is in fact being met and has been achieved. Relate these actions to the quality standards defined in the planning section of this document.]

1.2.1     Analyze Project Quality

[Analyze quality data, document opportunities for improvement and apply what was learned from quality analysis to eliminate gaps between current and desired levels of performance.]

1.2.2     Improve Project Quality

[Identify ways of doing things better, cheaper, and/or faster. For projects, identify ways of eliminating unsatisfactory performance.]

1.3         Quality Control

[Identify those monitoring and controlling actions that will be conducted to control quality throughout the project’s life. Define how it will be determined that quality standards comply with the defined standards outlined earlier in this document. Identify owners of ongoing monitoring and improvement of project processes.]