How do bacteria develop resistance

Go to the following links to watch the videos on:
Antibiotic Reistance 
Stopping the Superbugs

Based on what you learned from the Videos and what you have learned about antimicrobial resistance from your text book, discuss the following in two paragraphs (a paragraph should be minimum 150 words).

How do bacteria develop resistance (first paragraph)
What can be done to reduce antimicrobial resistance? (2nd paragraph)

Read your classmates’ postings, and respond to at least one of them.
Your post will be graded as follows:( see the attached rubric)

Clear response to the prompt(s) using standard English grammar and spelling
Substantial comment to one classmate (do not simply say “Good Idea” or “I agree”). Demonstrate thoughtfulness towards the topic, it should relate insignts or genuine understanding.
10%   Total

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