How does the prison environment influence the way you ensure security and custody in your correctional facility?

Correctional Officers’ Experiences Summary

  • How does the prison environment influence the way you ensure security and custody in your correctional facility?

For the most part, our staff members have a good rapport with the inmates and use interpersonal skills to influence the inmates in a positive manner. Over-crowding has been solved for the most part and this has relieved a lot of pressure on the inmates and staff.

  • Do you work for a private or non-private prison? How do your daily work experiences differ from those of others according to the type of correctional facility you work for?

We work for an elected Sheriff at a non-private prison . Because we work in a prison, inmates have to be treated as pre-trial inmates rather than as sentenced “prisoners”. This allows our inmates some rights that state prisoners may not have.



  • One slide per for the two questions, also two separate slides for the answers, four slides total.
  • Use bullet points to present your findings within the presentation. Roll play as if you are responding in to the students during the classroom visit.
  • Remember correctional officers will likely have different experiences and answers to these questions. Format your answers to reflect those differences.
  • Powerpoint “Slides” presentations in first person.

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