Intervention or Program Design & Pitch

Intervention or Program Design & Pitch (39 points):

◦For the intervention design, you are to develop a comprehensive behavior change intervention (group or individual) for a commonly found disease (diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, etc.) and a mental health disorder (depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, etc.) that can be applied in a clinical setting. Identify the clinic or hospital setting (e.g., family practice, in-patient clinic, internal medicine, etc.) in which the proposed intervention will take place. Be sure to provide an overview of the characteristics of the location and how these might affect implementation (positively or negatively) of your proposed intervention. Ideally the clinical setting will represent a current or potential place of employment. (1-2 pages) (5 points)

•Identify a specific target population based on demographic considerations (e.g., children, older adults, age 65+; Middle-aged Latino females, etc.) and the targeted disease or mental health outcome (e.g., heart disease, arthritis, depression, etc.) and provide the rationale for intervening on this population. The rationale should provide an overview of the relationship between how the behavioral modification will reduce the patient’s symptomology and increase overall functionality. Give reason as to why the specified target population is in need of a behavioral intervention. For example, are they at high risk of heart attack, stroke, suicide, etc.? Explain how being at higher risk for your chosen disease could be mitigated by changes in behavior. Justify the need for the intervention. (1-3 pages) (5 points)

•Describe how you will identify potential participants in your program? Who will be eligible? How will you market your program to potential participants? (1-2 pages) (5 points)

•Describe behavior change intervention that will address the disease issue that is being targeted in detail. (5-8 pages) (12 points)

•Briefly describe how your behavioral health interventions will be operationalized in the medical setting you have selected.

•Describe the learning strategies and activities that will be used in the intervention. Include at least 3 examples.

•Describe an implementation plan for the intervention – how will you make sure the intervention is put into place? What factors might influence your ability to implement the program?

•Describe how the effectiveness of behavior modification will be measured on the disease or mental health disorder that is being targeted.

•Conclusion and Summary: Explain why the medical community would have interest in the behavior modification you have chosen. Summarize your chosen intervention and the benefits it provides the patients and medical community (1-2 pages) (3 points).

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