Is genetic testing right for you and your family?

Is genetic testing right for you and your family? Recent advancements within scientific research have spurred controversy over the topic of genetic testing,especially with newborns. Although scientists can now identify certain DNA markers that reveal an increased propensity for variousdiseases and disorders, numerous moral dilemmas quickly emerge. How will predicting future events impact the present?Would knowing that your child is most likely going to develop Alzheimer’s disease change the way that you raise himorher? Should someone help you understand the implications if you are told that your child is most likely going to beautistic? What impact will these “potential” results have on your child’s healthcare? Could genetic testing force your childto be plagued with unnecessary stigmas?Read the article by Pollack (2010) and write a two–page critique examining why so much controversy surrounds genetictesting today. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s stance on this topic?Pollack, H. (2010). Put to the test: As genetic screening gets cheaper and easier, it’s raising questions that health–careproviders aren’t prepared to answer.The American Prospect,21(9), 21–24. Retrieved from Opposing Viewpointsin Context database.Tips for locating the article:Locate the article within the CSU Online Library. After you log into your myCSU homepage,click on the CSU Online Library button. Next, go to the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database. You will then type thename of the article within the search box located at the top of the page and click “search.” You should then see the articlelisted in your choices. You can always contact one of the librariansfor further assistance.Tips for writing your Article Critique:Introduction–This is meant to give a concise overview of the article being discussed and is usually oneparagraph in length.Summary–This contains the summary of the article that givesthe general argument(s) and overview of thefeatured author.Critique–In this portion of the paper, you should provide a critique/opinion of the article. You should statewhether you agree or disagree with the issues that were posed. Furthermore, you should also discuss why youPSY 1010, General Psychology3agreeor disagreewith the author’s viewpoint(s). Do not forget to discuss the importance of this article to the fieldof psychology.Conclusion–This summarizes your final thoughts for the featured topic.Note:Do not forget to double space your response and use Times New Roman 12 pt. font. This written assignmentshould have a cover page, two full pages of content in which you organize the four sections of the article critique based onthe guidelines as listedabove, and a references page. You are required to utilize the textbook, assigned article, and oneadditional source to support your stance on this topic. Allthreesources should be included on your references page. Youshould also have accompanying in–text citations for each source that you have used throughout your response. FollowAPA format.

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