Medical Surgical Nursing III

Medical Surgical Nursing III

Community Project Directions

Due Unit 7- 70 Points

In this project you will design a community health fair based on a specific population. Examples

include: preschool parents, an immigrant community, a nursing home, for a school. Your

project must include the appropriate methods for teaching your population and delivering the

message, and the resources you would need to develop your fair. Discuss the interdisciplinary

personnel you would invite- such as nutritionists, or physical therapists, etc. Part of your project

includes a narrative discussion of the topics you have chosen for your population. In this

discussion you will also explain the nurses’ role in the health of the community.


1. Choose the population for your health fair.

2. Develop three goals for the fair that address specific health care needs of the


3. Discuss the health care topics you will cover at your fair. Be sure they are appropriate

for your population. Include what assessment tools you used to determine these needs,

such as Healthy People 2020 or the local Health Department’s website. This section

should be a narrative that is at least 2 pages in length.

a. Explain why you chose these topics for your population and include at least three

peer reviewed, evidence based resources or assessment tools to support your

health care topics.

4. Discuss the nurse’s role in supporting health care delivery in the community.

5. Describe the delivery methods you will use, making sure it is appropriate for your

population, such as a skit for preschool children or multiple booths for a health

screening fair for senior citizens.

a. Include at least two delivery methods.

6. Describe the layout of your fair, the location, and the hours.

7. List the people who will be involved and their role- nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists,


8. Discuss the cultural considerations necessary to meet the goals of the fair.

9. Discuss the resources you will need for the fair, such as medical equipment,

refreshments, handouts, audio visual equipment, guest speakers, community leaders,

etc. Explain how you will obtain resources, contacts in the community that will be used

and how the resources support the goals of the fair.

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