Nurses Working to Prevent Disease at Home

Nurses Working to Prevent Disease at Home
Week 4: Public Health Threats, Emergencies, and Disasters
Public health threats, emergencies, and disasters are as diverse as they are devastating to a population. Infections
such as pandemic influenza outbreaks cause severe illness and often death in susceptible populations like the very
young or old. Disasters such as these require rapid response to vaccinate susceptible populations and educate the
public on how to protect themselves from contracting the disease.
Natural disasters like tsunamis, hurricanes, sudden heavy snowstorms or blizzards, and flooding also jeopardize
health. These types of disasters create environmental health concerns through the spread of toxic waste, increased
water-borne infections and insect-borne disease, as well as loss of power or the inability to navigate roadways during
floods or blizzards. In addition, natural disasters create environmental concerns such as low food supply, destruction
of crops and livestock, and lack of clean water. Natural catastrophes like these are predicted to increase in frequency
and severity as long as climate change with increasing global temperatures continues unchecked through slow
reaction or frank inaction by governments.
Organizations across the globe are developing strategies for decreasing their carbon footprint in order to reduce
pollution that contributes to climate change. Because no one is immune from this hazard, nurses must have a grasp
of the growing concern for the impact of climate change and its associated implications for public health worldwide. It
is important for nurses to learn how to increase their leadership capabilities to affect local, state, and national
This week, you will consider the role of the nurse in preventing illnesses due to environmental issues. Additionally,
you will discuss the role of nurses in developing health promotion and health protection strategies to address global
climate change health concerns.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
Analyze the role of the nurse in preventing illnesses due to environmental issues
Analyze the implications of global climate change on health*

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