Persuasive Memo

Writing Project #4: Persuasive Memo

For this writing project, worth 10 points, you will write a short (1-2 page) memo to raise

awareness of a problem, or to change a widely-held view.

Persuasive Memo Memo Description

Purpose: Introduce your reader to a problem and persuade him/her that the issue

needs attention; or introduce a reader to your viewpoint, which challenges

a widely held view.

Audience: Someone in the organization who would care about the problem, or can

connect you to the people who can do something about the problem. Or,

someone whose view you are challenging.

Genre: A 1-2 page business memo.


For topic ideas, see General Project 2 page 60 in the 13th edition:

• Think about a change you would like to see, or a problem you would like to solve, on

campus or at work. See problem description for examples.

• Challenge an attitude that is widely held by your audience. See problem description for


Assignment Objectives and Grading Criteria

After completing the Persuasive Memo, you will improve your writing ability in the following areas:

• Connecting with the audience

• Using effective design: headings, white space, and bullets to create documents that can

be easily and quickly skimmed

• Identifying a specific goal

• Recognizing constraints (organizational, legal, ethical, financial, etc)

• Supporting your claims convincingly

• Addressing counterargument/opposing views

• Employ principles of effective writing such as clarity (p. 211-216), conciseness (p.216-

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