PICOT question

This is the grading rubric for the research paper based on the PICOT question. You may alter PICOT question if needed.

Purpose: To incorporate theory and other evidenced based practice evidence using a patient experience (case study). This assignment is designed to help you identify a patient issue or advanced nursing practice problem using a case study to communicate in writing the application of valid evidence (research and theory) to clinical practice to improve patient outcomes. You will be completing a literature review, critiquing research articles to develop an evidence table for your paper, evaluating available evidence that can be applied to your advanced nursing practice, gaps in research and implementing evidence into your anticipated role after graduation. Although you will be doing all of these activities to write your paper, you summarize in your paper your findings, not about all the details related to the activities you completed to write your paper.

Body of paper: Length is required to be between 10 and 12 pages double spaced (not including title, abstract, appendix and reference pages). Any additional pages added to the body of the paper, after page 12 will not be included in the grading process using the rubric below. The paper should be in APA 6th edition format, except the title page (use the sample posted on Blackboard).Use Times New Roman and 12 point font. (100 points)

Elements must include but are not limited to:
o (10 points) APA Format and Grammar (Don’t forget about the graduate writing center through RAGE/GROWL)
Ø Abstract: Get the reader’s attention. May use etiology, epidemiology, etc. to stress the importance of the topic in 200 words or less. See the APA manual for description of abstract content
Ø Reference (In text and reference page), see APA manual for order of paper, proper citation and plagiarism information

o (10 points) Introduction
Ø Summarize direction of your paper, don’t repeat Abstract but add more detail related to the background and significance of the problem for related patient population and/or APN role perspective (eg. mortality rate or prevalence epidemiology in the US). Include why the topic is important to the APN, patient, healthcare, economics, family genetics, etc)
Ø Include your PICOT question/statement: Write in a sentence format. Label each letter with parentheses after each section Problem or/Population (P), Intervention (I), Comparison (C), Outcome (O), Time (T). Case Study up to four short sentences Giving a clear example of the population- who would be affected by this problem? Be Specific to the most common gender, age group, may include diagnosis, intervention, comparison (specific or class of medications) — depending on topic and PICOT, and time frame.

o (25 Points) Review of medical topic
Ø Case Study (Concise): List all the significant history, cc, etc.- not all the normal information unless significant for the case to rule out differential diagnoses (The case study should be one to two paragraphs in length). This is different than what you would document in a patient chart. This is a summary of a clear example of the population- who would be affected by this problem? Be Specific to the most common gender, age group, may include diagnosis, intervention, comparison (specific or class of medications) — depending on topic and PICOT, and time frame.

o (35 Points) Review of Literature and Research
Current research review (<5 years old)
Ø Include a Practice guideline for your topic or a Systematic Review and a minimum of 2 peer reviewed articles to answer your PICOT statement/question. All should be referenced and (concise) summarized. You will complete a critical analysis to decide if the findings were significant but all the details from the critical analysis (use the tools from your Melnyk textbook) will not be included in your paper. Only use the most relevant evidence and statistical tests with values related to your case study and PICOT question in your paper and evidence table.
Ø Evidence Table minimum elements that should be present include: author, year, study design, number of subjects, methodology, significant findings or pertinent insignificant findings with associated statistical tests and their values
Ø Discuss research gaps and their limitations or barriers to applying evidence to Advanced Practice Nursing and/ or gaps in practice, if the evidence is available but not being applied in practice

o (10 Points) Relevance and Implications for APN
Describe the relevance for your practice as an APN in reference to your case study support your evidence-based decision making processes with the practice guideline and other research listed in your evidence table to develop a patient centered treatment plan. (Use the NP core competencies and practice guidelines to help you).
Ø Discuss whether you would incorporate new research published (from your evidence table to answer your PICOT question) after the practice guideline to your treatment plan for this patient, or not and why.
Ø Evidence-based treatment plan for the patient in your case study (Use your practice guideline and any significant research to develop your brief plan. Suggested significant (concise) applicable elements that may be included are: psychosocial, cultural, genetic/genomics, assessment, co-morbidities, differential diagnoses, pharmacological, holistic approaches such as alternative medicine treatments (including CAM) treatments, interprofessional collaboration.
Ø Application of Theory or conceptual model –List the name of the theorist or authors if you use a conceptual framework model. Apply the concepts to the patient in your case study. In order to receive full credit you must demonstrate your understanding of how to apply the theory or conceptual model specifically to the patient in the case study you developed in an APN role

o (10 Points) Summary/Conclusion- Case and Implications
Ø Application of best evidence to improve patient outcomes using research, theory in an Advanced Nursing Practice role (make sure it is within your scope of practice or be clear what your role would be related to the PICOT statement and Case Study). Don’t repeat the abstract or all the details in the body of your paper but summarize the most important points in your paper that you want the reader to remember about the patient, evidence available , gaps in research, theory and your role as the APN to answer your PICOT question. Use in text referencing to support your summary with evidence (research and theory) for the most significant variables related to your PICOT question and case study including supporting statistical test and values using your APA manual.

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