Preventing falls while in the hospital

Preventing falls while in the hospital 

Requirements: Students will review the California Nurse Practice Act (NPA) and a literature review on hospital policies and procedures and write a brief essay describing the major functions of each.

The majority of the essay should be a reflection on the impact that the Act (or a specific part of the NPA) and hospital policies will have on your professional status as a registered nurse

-The assignment was for you to simply write that the NPA is the state law that dictates how registered nurses are permitted to practice within each state. —–=—Additionally, hospital policies are very specific rules that give great detail on how an R.N. may practice.

-For example, the NPA tells us we must provide care, comfort and safety for our patients.

-One way to keep them safe is by preventing falls.

-The hospital policy will then detail how, what, with what type of solution, and how frequently.

-In addition to this there will be a separate policy on the use of bedrails.

-thesis or a purpose statement.

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