Nearly everyone knows what a PowerPoint presentation means, but just a few understand how to design their research presentations using this application and this is where a student may require online research paper writer services. Research papers are usually presented using PowerPoint application, which can be accessed under Microsoft applications in your computer. Students typically make a lot of errors and mistakes when writing their presentation, which ends up affecting their overall grading. There are various aspects to consider when writing a presentation for your research paper. These include;

  • Background
  • Colour
  • Slides
  • Front


designAlways use simple backgrounds that give the audience visual interests. In most, cases you will be projecting your presentation to a whiteboard or wall. Ensure that the background color used is of good contrast that allows the person sitting away from the whiteboard or wall to can see clearly what’s written. You don’t expect the panel of experts to be struggling to view your presentation. Avoid distracting backgrounds that make that makes it difficult to read the words. Use the same background for the entire presentation.


Colour is mainly used for emphasis and to tie points together. Your text color should, therefore, contrast with the background. Keep your colors simple and few. You don’t need to use so many different colors in one presentation. This will likely ruin that visual interest that you need to give your audience. Use colors sparingly throughout the presentation.


Slides in PowerPoint are like pages in a word document. The first slide should be “Title” slide, followed by a table of content of presentation, body and lastly, the “questions” slide. Every slide should be numbered, apart from the title slide. Make sure that all slides are inhomogeneity. That is, if you decide to use upper case alphabets in the texts, then this should apply to the whole presentation, and the same applies if you choose on lower case alphabets. Avoid long paragraphs when making your points, because big slides are always distracting. PowerPoint presentation should not be in paragraphs. Present your text in the form of bullets or small vital points, and try to be precise and concise as possible. Slides are not for comprehensive study but just hints to the audience of what is in the research paper. Preferably, you should use the 5*5 rule in each slide. This means that each slide should have five lines and each line should have five words. Make sure you explain each concept and term that is written on the slide. Each main point should have its slide too:

  • Keep the presentation focused
  • Enable the audience to concentrate on each point
  • Prevent the audience from reading ahead


Use standard and easy-to-read font styles such as Times New Roman, Calibri,  and Ariel. For the font size, use 44-point for title slide and 22-32 point for the body slides. You don’t want to use too small fonts that strain the audience in reading. Just use simple fonts, as complicated slides are not that visually enticing. Only capitalize when making a point, but not throughout. You should maintain a single font style throughout the presentation.