A research paper is a comprehensive essay on various research topics that students are often required to submit towards the end of an academic semester. It is a form of an assignment that is designed to test your understanding of a particular academic course from every angle.  Typically, there is term paper writing service who specialize in writing college papers in every subject such as Mathematics research paper, Statistics research papers, Chemistry research paper, physics research papers, Finance research papers, Accounting research papers, Nursing research papers History research papers. This article will look into research topic review in various subjects.

The Top 100 Research Paper Topics for 2018

books for researchThe most challenging aspect of compiling an academic research paper is starting. However, before you even begin, you should have a topic that will guide your research. Most students face problems when it comes to selecting a relevant topic for their research papers. This activity tends to be time-consuming, and sometimes you can’t just imagine a suitable and appropriate subject of study for your case. That’s why we have come up with a list of relevant research paper topics for various academic disciplines and fields. We’ve gathered the most unexplored topic ideas to make your research paper more compelling to the audience, supervisor or instructor.

Interesting Math Research topic

  1. Algebra Equations
  2. Geometry
  3. Probability
  4. Calculus
  5. Number theory

Research Paper Topics on Medicine

1. Artificial tissues and organ transplant
2. Alternative cancer diagnosis and treatment
3. Treatment of chronic patients
4. What are the remedies for sleep disorders?
5. Brain injuries, their symptoms, and treatment
6. Research on stem cells
7. Genetic engineering and cloning
8. Battling Alzheimer disease
9. What are the modern treatment techniques for HIV/AIDS?
10. What is the role of paramedics in the general healthcare?

Research Paper Topics on Business

1. How gender influence a person’s ability in managing small and large teams
2. Why do companies majoring in certain fields prefers hiring youths over elderly people?
3. What is the effect of differences in ethical cultures on an organization’s team building process?
4. Why some companies hire more men than women and why?
5. How can a company benefit by engaging in charity?
6. Is an online advertisement more effective than other types of advertisement?
7. What are the advantages of outsourcing?
8. Role of business ethics in making key decisions for a company.
9. Challenges faced by multinational businesses
10. Effects of social media advertisement on businesses

Research Paper Topics on Psychology

1. How parental negligence contribute to childhood obesity?
2. How does abortion affect mental health?
3. What are the ethical and legal effects of adopting gaysim in the society?
4. What is the link between TV and obesity?
5. Causes and consequences of shyness in adults
6. Consequences of teenage sexting
7. How habits are formed and how they can be changed
8. How hate crimes affect victims and communities
9. How sports psychology can be used to promote mental health in the workplace
10. Which of the following is an example of unethical sociological research practice?

Research Paper topics on Political science

1. The US. Political system and government
2. Globalization politics
3. Are civil wars a political failure?
4. Elections as an instrument in democratic systems
5. Politics and Corruption
6. Political parties, comparison, and functions
7. The existence of politics of the totalitarian
8. Politics and gender
9. Politics and race
10. Civil Rights Movements of 1960’s

Research paper Topics on Science and Technology

1. Impact of modern technological development on the global economy
2. Is artificial intelligence a myth or reality?
3. Merits and demerits of technology in modern society
4. Internet censorship
5. Steve Job’s contribution to the world of technology
6. New technologies in solving today’s world greatest problems
7. Impact of digital tools on production in organizations and workplaces
8. Critical analysis of advantages and disadvantages of limiting scientific investigations on humans
9. Difference between computers and human brains
10. Would having self-driving cars a bad or good idea

Research Paper Topics on culture

1. Death in various cultures
2. Social media and culture
3. Should people of mixed origin be considered as a separate culture?
4. Culture Clash
5. Culture as a political and business tool
6. Advertisement and culture
7. Discuss the culture of your community
8. What defines aliens in films and literature
9. Culture, ethics, and morals
10. Assimilation of foreigners in new cultures

Research Paper Topics on Education

1. Education and gender; compare and contrast mixed schools and same-sex schools
2. Pros and cons of sex education
3. Modern approaches to education
4. Education and virtual reality world
5. Practical education vs. theoretical education
6. Impact of educational discrimination on the future of pupils
7. Emotional intelligence and its impact on modern education
8. Are grades still relevant in the modern educational system
9. How should parents be involved in their children education
10. Bullying in schools

Research Paper Topics on Nursing

1. Critical care nursing. Define and discuss
2. What are the requirements for qualification psychiatric and mental health
3. Importance of community nursing and how it impacts on patient’s situation
4.The processes taken in dealing with patients suffering from anxiety disorders
5. How infertility depress patients
6. Insulin therapy and its importance
7. Sleep disorders, it’s remedies and treatment
8. Hypertension, causes, and treatment
9. How can nurses help patients with post-traumatic disorders after a natural calamity or war
10. How can nurses handle cases of chronic infections

Research Paper Topics on Sociology

1. Correlation between Race and class
2. Comparison between traditional interracial marriage and today’s interracial marriage
3. Effects of Racial stereotypes
4. Racial segregation in the modern world
5. Nationality; how to achieve patriotism
6. What are the similarities and difference between ethnic culture and race
7. Impact of ethnicity on class
8. How homosexuality portrayed in media
9. Women Rights and moments
10. Wealth and race