The analytical paper aims at presenting various viewpoints on a particular subject without forming an opinion. The researcher merely is expected to provide your readers with as much information as possible, but allow them to draw their conclusions from the viewpoints presented. As a research paper service, You should analyze each viewpoint equally from a factual standpoint rather than opinionated standpoint.  This means each claim should have supportive sources or documentation with proper citation and reference.  Analytical research papers focus on methodology, findings or other researcher’s conclusions and summary of the findings.

Analytical research is not just a regurgitation of information but rather the researcher’s thoughts, evaluation, and conclusion supported by logical data or information. A well-constructed research paper should include a proper synthesis of your views with outside critiques and perspectives of the sources.  You need to emphasize the source’s original insights and interpret other supplementary sources. Ultimately, it should be an expression of your inquiry into a particular topic of interest.

Elements of Analytical  Paper

The main elements of analytical research are;

  • Research topic
  • Research Question
  • Thesis statement

Research Question

The basis of the analytical research paper is to form a research question. This paper often begins with the researcher posing a question, which is a research question on which you have no stance. A research question should be neutral and provide a direction in which to evaluate and explore the topic and its relation to answering the research question.  The research question should be presented in a thesis statement, and the rest of the paper should support the thesis. Analytical paper means analysis and presentation of some type of argument about an issue, topic or idea.

The difference between a descriptive paper and analytical


paper is based on the research question. While descriptive research paper attempts to identify, describe or determine what is already there, analytical research paper attempts to establish the reason why the way it is and how it came to be that way.

Research Topic

You may argue that any writing should be argumentative, meaning that every research paper should have a thesis and supporting evidence that supports it. Though that is not always the case, most research work including analytical papers requires a writer to come up with a solid topic that he/she will be able to support throughout the topic successfully. When writing an analytical paper, you need not present your opinion on a particular issue, but you need to analyze the source using supportive information.

Though the research topic may be controversial and debatable, it is not your intent to persuade the reader that your opinion or ideas are right while the opposing side is wrong. Instead, aim to provide a critical interpretation of the sources throughout the paper.  You need to choose a workable topic that will be able to have a supportable claim throughout the paper.

Thesis Statement

Typically, not until you have begun the writing process that your thesis statement should begin taking a solid form.  This is what differentiates analytical research paper from argumentative paper. In an analytical research paper, the thesis statement is more fluid compared to the thesis statement in an argumentative paper.  This is the reason why you should approach the research topic without a predetermined stance.

Things to consider in Analytical Research

The following are some important things to consider when writing an analytic paper.

  • Answer the research question objectively using critical evaluation and severe contemplation
  • You should not have a preconceived opinion or notion on the research topic
  • Evaluate the topic and conclude the discussions backed by reliable sources
  • Collect your findings together to present the aim of the paper