Research Report papers are a detailed, organized list of facts on a particular topic or a detailed summary of a case study situation. A researcher usually chooses on a topic, research on it and the present the facts to the reader with references, methodology, and findings. The aim here is to give as much detailed information on a given subject rather than persuading the reader to a particular viewpoint. Reports usually include a summary of the breakdown, situational analysis, and identification of the main issue and presentation of recommendations. A research report regularly reports research that has already been carried out. As such, it is mostly used in science papers to tell the audience or the instructor about the research process or methodology, findings and the significance of the experiments.

Tips for writing a Good Research Reports

A report is usually written for a specific purpose and to a particular audience. A Writer is expected to present accurate information and evidence, analyze the data and apply it to a particular issue or problem. The following are some key points to note when writing a report:

i) Understand the purpose of the report

When you ask papers service to write a report, you will be provided with a brief instruction, which is supposed to guide you throughout the writing. The report instruction is usually short, outlining the purpose of the report, the audience and the issue or problem that you should address in the report. You need to understand the use of the report and adhere to all the requirements.

ii) Follow the right formats.

In most cases, you will be given a particular format or structure to follow. Make sure to take account of all the instruction details provided by the instructor or department. The information should be presented in a formatted structure, with well-labeled sections, headings, and subheadings so that the reader can easily locate and follow the data.

iii) Back the report using scholarly sources and evidence

Collect, evaluate and analyze significant and relevant evidence.

iv) Structure the content in a coherent and logical order

Present the report consistently and in a consistent manner as per the instructions brief to enable the readers to follow the report easily.

v) Make relevant conclusion

Draw appropriate conclusions supported by reliable evidence and analysis of the report.

vi) Recommendations

Make practical and thoughtful recommendations when and where necessary.

Structure of a Report

These structures are;

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference/Bibliography


The title should concisely state the report topic. It needs to be descriptive and informative so that the reader can understand the main topic, idea or issue of discussion. Avoid including excessive details in the topic, and avoid being too general and vague.


This is also known as “Executive summary” or simply “Summary”. The abstract is a summary of the whole report and is usually written last and should enable the reader to decide on whether they want to read the report or not.


Also referred to as context or background. State the topic of the report and the research questions the writer is trying to address.

Literature Review

Also “Review of Research” or “Literature survey.” This is a survey or review of sources such as journals, books, reliable online materials, peer-reviewed papers, and the article, etc. that are relevant to the research.


Also called “Methods.” This section State how the investigation ware conducted and why the researcher chose this particular method, the number of participants involved in the research, their population, and whom they were selected.


Also called “Findings” or “Outcomes.” This section serves to present the research findings in practical, simple and in a transparent way. The result section should be shown in text, table, diagrams, graphs or a combination of both.


Probably the most extended section of a report. This is where the writer brings everything together demonstrating how the finding relates to the issue in the introduction and the sources reviewed in the literature review section. Also, mention if you experienced problems and indicate how they were or could be resolved.


A summary brief of the main points of the report.

References/ Bibliography

List of all the sources or any work cited or referred to in the report including journals, books, online sources and others.