Research Philosophy Theory and Quantitative Analysis

Research Philosophy Theory and Quantitative Analysis

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Resources scoring guide icon Discussion Participation Scoring Guide. Website icon Capella Graduate Online Writing Center – APA Style and Formatting.. Microsoft Word icon The Comprehensive Exam Rubric: Analysis and Critical Thinking.

Now that you have analyzed the dataset using descriptive statistics, correlation, means analysis, and regression analysis, you should be familiar with the data and what it means to the larger body of knowledge in your topic. For this discussion, complete the following: •Present your research philosophy using all four assumptions (ontological, axiological, epistemological, and methodological). •Discuss and analyze the theory you selected for your topic in Unit 7 and discuss how your data analysis supports the assumptions and theoretical framework and extends the knowledge about this topic. •Select at least one additional peer-reviewed article on the topic to support your perspective. •Your discussion should conform to APA 6th edition guidelines.

Note: The information from this activity may be used to complete your course project in Unit 10.

Response Guidelines

Prior to responding to at least one peer, read the Comprehensive Examination Rubric: Analysis and Critical Thinking and its accompanying explanation. Then evaluate your peer’s post against the comprehensive exam rubric expectations for analysis. Has your peer supported his or her analysis, assumptions, and conclusions?

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