Roles and Actions

Roles and Actions: APA format atleast teo scholarly references. Also intext citation

As a first step, you will need to select a company out of the three options provided. You will be researching and using this company as your own “case study” throughout many of the Discussions and Assignments for the balance of the course. Please review the following options to make your selection:

  • Wal-Mart (large retail chain)
  • (online business)
  • MyPreschool (new small local preschool startup)If you have questions about the organization you plan to use, please discuss your choice with your Instructor using the Contact the Instructor link in the classroom. Your choice of an organization will be important so that you can maximize your learning throughout this course.From this point forward, for the Final Project, this organization will be referred to as “your organization.”Once you have selected your organization, provide a (business style) memoaddressed to the Instructor that does the following:

  • Identifies your chosen organization and your rationale for selecting it
  • Identifies at least five (5) resources you have found that you can use in your investigation and a strategy for further researching the organization or the industry in which it operates. Be sure to describe these resources and what types of relevant information they provide. You should provide the appropriate citation using APA format at the conclusion of your memo.
  • Identifies the types of information system management issues your organization will likely encounter at some point (example: you can relate this to the issues that were identified in Week 1). Include some preliminary discussion about why these are important to address, and be sure to account for any assumptions you made in the process.

On a separate page  APA format atleast teo scholarly references. Also intext citation

, You will submit a business memo, written to your Instructor, that explains how you plan to incorporate your learning from the week into your Final Project. This will not be a “perfect” synopsis at this point, but it should capture the main themes and important ideas from the week. Your memo should include the following: 2 pages

  • Your preliminary summary of how you are planning to incorporate this week’s learning into your Final Project
  • Your ideas and recommendations for how your organization can mitigate the short-term and long-term issues that can arise when selecting and using data resources and systems
  • Brief descriptions of the types of data resources, data processing, and storage systems chosen
  • An explanation of how the organization might manage the potential implications of those selections, while taking advantage of the opportunities they afford to sustain the business or gain a competitive advantage 
  • Other relevant recommendations or issues that you identified, with a brief analysis of why they are important

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