Signature Assignment Final Draft

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Part Two: Signature Assignment Project Paper (The research paper) – (80 points)

1. The general Topic for signature paper is the economic effects of trade relationship between the U.S. and Mexico –(emphasis is given to import- export activities between the two countries).

While writing your signature assignment paper or project you should consider the following:

* A typical project paper or group project for this course might survey around 5-7 articles (depending on the nature of the literature)

* You should mention all of them when their subject matter arises, but you might focus on approximately 5 articles. I prefer one or two of the articles to be “peer reviewed” article.

* Your paper must draw from and cite a minimum 1 primary and 1 secondary source. 

*Articles mentioned in your paper should be “References or Biography”, given the complete citations.

* Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 –point font, and a minimum of 1000 words in length

*Pages must be numbered.

*Footnotes should contain complete sentences which expresses thoughts that are too tangential to put into the text ofthe paper

*Your paper should have three or more numbered sections, each with a title like – Introduction, Conclusion, etc. The tilesof the section other than introduction and conclusion will depend on the content of your paper

*Your paper should have an introduction telling the reader the sequence of things you will present, and a conclusion,summarizing what you have done

*Your paper must have a title page where you state your name or team members, the title of the paper, course numberfor your paper, the semester, and, and the year the paper has been written

*or each paper on which you focus in depth, state clearly: (a) what questions does it ask? (b) How does it try to answerthem? (c) What conclusions does it come to?

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Signature Assignment Final Draft

  • The final paper will take into account the preceding activities.  The Signature Assignment Analysis will meet the following requirements:
  1. Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, and a (minimum) of 1000 words in length*.
  2. You must submit your essay into Canvas by the assignment due date set.
  3. Paper will count towards 20% of your final course grade.
  4. Your paper must draw from and cite a minimum 2 secondary sources.
  5. Use appropriate in-text citations and a complete bibliography, formatted according to the most recent edition of an academic citation style (APA Style).
  6. Papers will be graded according to the rubric posted below.

This section will provide a written overview of the in-class activities and elaborate on the final section of the signature assignment.

The analysis needs to be APA formatted and is worth 200 points.

  1. Briefly provide a description of the trend and product developed by the group for the business selected. Include the description of the product/service and why the team decided to pursue this type of business. In addition, describe the type of ownership that this business will have.
  2. State the potential problem you may encounter in terms of competition, resources, or consumer related issues. Include the technology that will be essential to operate the business and include human capital/ training and development.
  3. Describe the SWOT analysis developed in Group Assignment 5 regarding perfect competition, and include the advantages and disadvantages of an IT SWOT analysis.
  4. List at least 2 solutions to the stated potential problem (See 2) and explain why you chose those solutions and what makes them possible.
  5. Include the code of ethics and type of management you will have in place (X? Y?). Links to an external site.What type of decision making will take place (centralized? Decentralized?) What type of environment is it (organic, mechanistic)?Download What type of environment is it (organic, mechanistic)?
  6. Conclude describing one lesson, concept, or idea that had significant impact on you as a consequence of the semester assignment. Include anything that you may want to do differently as business owner.

Additional points of clarification:

  • Include a cover page with your essay.  An abstract is not required.
  • Be sure to write about your group’s business.  Papers whose subject is other than their group’s business will not be graded.
  • Ensure that your references, at a minimum, support your chosen business trend and/or demand for your product.  You may reference other concepts if you wish, but if you do not have at least two references which support your trend/demand, you are likely to lose points.
  • When describing the type of ownership, state why that type of business ownership was chosen.  What are the advantages of that type of ownership?
  • Be sure to include the SWOT analysis that was developed during the semester.  Do not insert as bullet points.  Instead, describe the concepts in writing.
  • After the code of ethics, include a brief statement about social responsibility.  State your group’s stance of social responsibility (make sure it’s one of the four possible stances from Module 2).  Also include an example of what your business could do for social responsibility (that is, something modest about giving back to the community/society for example).

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