Stress and Coping

Stress and Coping

Prepare Icon Prepare: Prior to completing this discussion, be sure to interact with the Health Psychology learning object located in the left navigation bar of your online course, ensure you have finished the reading and video for this week, and have reviewed any relevant Instructor Guidance that will help prepare you for this activity.
Reflect.png Reflect: Take the role of a mental health professional invited to give a presentation on stress management. Identify a target audience (e.g.,, children, adolescents, adults) and any relevant demographics (e.g., ethnicity, age ranges, sexual orientation, religion, etc.) and other characteristics unique to your target population (e.g., older adults, military spouses, children of divorce, newlywed couples, living in a high crime area, unemployed for more than a year, victims of bullying, excessive parental pressure to achieve, etc.). The primary stressors experienced by your target population can be due to positive and/or negative life events.  Research effective strategies for coping with stressors and skills to develop resilience. You will use the information from your research to examine uses and applications of applied behavioral science to stress and coping interventions and identify current trends in how applied behavioral science is used to develop resilience.
Write.png Write: Create a written summary of the information you would include in a presentation on the assigned topic.
Required topics to be addressed: Your summary must cover each of the following topics in the order presented below in your own words. Be sure to write in complete sentences. 

Identify specific characteristics of your target audience.

Briefly define stress and give examples relevant to your target audience.

Discuss at least two specific stressors relevant to your target audience’s primary concerns.

Describe healthy and unhealthy ways in which people may respond to the two stressors listed in #3 above.

Select one specific skill a mental health professional might teach to help individuals cope effectively with stress.

Define resilience and identify at least three factors associated with resilience.

Identify at least three ways to build resilience.

Discuss the importance of flexibility in maintaining resilience.

List at least one online, print, video, and/or local resources in your community where participants may receive additional help in learning to effectively cope with life stressors and develop/enhance their resilience skills.

Be sure to include in-text citations and a reference list that are in accordance with APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. For further assistance in researching scholarly sources, be sure to access the tutorials page on the Ashford University Library website.

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