The anatomical location of the calyx

The anatomical location of the calyx is the


A. arm.

B. kidney.

C. spine.

D. brain.

A patient comes to the clinic complaining of ongoing headaches. The headaches began one week prior and have persisted ever since. A lumbar spinal tap is performed to pinpoint the source of the patient’s headaches. What CPT and ICD-10-CM codes are assigned?


A. 62270, G74.3

B. 62270, G44.1

C. 62141, G46.8

D. 62272, G46.9

A coder assigns a HCPCS Level II code to a patient’s medical record. The code description reads as follows: Enteral feeding supply kit; syringe fed, per day, includes but not limited to feeding/flushing syringe, administration set tubing, dressings, tape. Based on this description, which HCPCS Level II code was assigned?


A. B4278

B. B4125

C. B4072

D. B4034

To conform to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which of the following safeguards must be maintained in health care facilities?


A. ICD-7 provisional safeguards

B. Immunization and injection safeguards

C. Reasonable administrative, technical, and physical safeguards

D. Hazardous waste protection safeguards

A patient receives a blood glucose monitor. What HCPCS Level II code would be assigned?


A. E0976

B. E0562

C. E4752

D. E0607

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) allows


A. lawyer-to-lawyer mediation during trial recess.

B. mediating disputes with a judge in the presence of the bailiff.

C. resolving medical malpractice suits by submitting pretrial depositions.

D. litigants to resolve disputes prior to or after the start of litigation.

A 65-year-old patient is admitted to the hospital for 48 hours to receive treatment from her physician. This patient would be covered under


A. Medicare Part B.

B. Medicare Part A.

C. Medicare Part D.

D. Medicare Part C.

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