The foramen ovale is found in which anatomical location?

The foramen ovale is found in which anatomical location?


A. Fibula

B. Heart

C. Liver

D. Pancreas

During a routine examination, a patient indicates that she is taking an antihypertensive medication that causes her kidneys to excrete more urine. These antihypertensive medications are called


A. calcium-channel blockers.

B. anticoagulants.

C. diuretics.

D. beta blockers.

Code range 99231–99233 pertains to


A. initial hospital care.

B. hospital discharge services.

C. consultation services.

D. subsequent hospital care.

A 7-year-old patient is seen in follow-up after an earlier diagnosis of excessive daytime sleepiness. The physician obtains a sleep study and then reviews and interprets the results. What CPT and ICD-10-CM codes are assigned?


A. 95810-26, R40.0

B. 95811-TC, J14.0

C. 95815-TC, G45.0

D. 95812-26, H40.0

If a physician provides preoperative management only to a patient prior to surgery, which modifier would be added to the surgery code?


A. -56

B. -44

C. -32

D. -91

The HIPAA Privacy Rule indicates that


A. restrictions on information disclosure exist only for patients with life-threatening illnesses.

B. the level of information disclosure permitted is based on the nature of the procedure.

C. practitioners should disclose only the minimum amount of health information necessary for the purpose of the disclosure.

D. physicians may release medical information at their own discretion.

The atrioventricular (tricuspid) valve is located in the


A. fibula.

B. lung.

C. heart.

D. brain.

A physician is analyzing specific organs in a particular region of the patient’s body. In her notes, she refers to the transverse or cross-sectional plane, which divides the body


A. horizontally.

B. vertically.

C. inferiorly.

D. bilaterally.

A health care practitioner who knowingly submits false statements to obtain federal health care reimbursement is guilty of


A. Medicare fraud.

B. DHS claim misrepresentation.

C. Health Insurance Privacy and Portability misuse.

D. Medicaid omission.

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