What are the four arguments for pushing for greater levels of networking in innovation? Which one do you find most persuasive and why?

BA 580 Strategies for Change (10 points each)

  1. Explain the differences between functional teams and cross-functional teams. In the research note 9.1 on page 406, what did the study determine about the effectiveness of cross functional teams?
  2. What are the different challenge to expect in the set-up operating, and sustaining (or closure) stage in managing innovation networks? Give an example of a product or program and the challenges it faced in one of these three areas.
  3. What are the key components of a business plan? Why are they important?
  4. What are the four arguments for pushing for greater levels of networking in innovation? Which one do you find most persuasive and why?
  5. What are some of the most important factors that affect adoption? Why is it important to consider individual characteristics when introducing a new innovation?
  6. Explain what it means to be a venture champion? What are some of the factors that influence the decision to establish a new venture? What do we know about the background of individuals who have a propensity to develop new ventures?
  7. Explain how patents work. Which legal tests must be satisfied in most countries in order to meet patient requirements?
  8. Give an example of a consumer market survey in which the company was able to obtain information to successfully launch a new product. Is there a best way to identify niches? Explain.
  9. The author explained that the idea of a lone inventor pioneering his or her way to market success is something of a myth? Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? Give examples of products or ideas that have been successful to justify your point.
  10. Explain the importance of brainstorming. What are the three most important approaches to brainstorming? Explain a situation in which brainstorming could achieve innovative results

Research Note 9.1

Cross-Functional Team Effectiveness and Project Uncertainty

This study examined 40 development projects in the consumer electronics and pharmaceuticals industries to identify the roles and influences of cross-functional teams in different types of R&D project. They found that the influences of cross-functional working depend on the type of market and technology opportunities being pursued, specifically that high levels of cross-functional cooperation and project teams were most beneficial for innovations characterized by high levels of technological and market risk. However, they did not find evidence that cross-functional working promoted the openness of development projects towards external information and knowledge. They conclude that the benefits and limits to cross-functional teams in new product development include:

  • Cross-functional teams are resource-intensive, and are not necessary for all types of project;
  • Higher-risk projects are likely to have a higher return, and are strengthened by using cross-functional teams;
  • Cross-functional cooperation tends to enhance information processing capabilities, but this must be balanced with undesirable psychosocial outcomes, such as increased conflict and group-member turnover;
  • The benefits of cross-functional cooperation tend to outweigh the psychosocial costs in the case of high-risk and high-value projects with much technological and market newness;
  • Openness towards external information and knowledge enhances new product development performance, but cross-functional cooperation may not be required to benefit from this openness, if the information or knowledge involved is able to be identified and interpreted by functional specialists.

Source: Gemser, G. and M. Leenders (2011) Managing Cross-Functional Cooperation for New Product Development Success, Long Range Planning, 44 (1), 26-41

BA 685 E-Business (20 points each)

  1. Why have advertising networks become controversial? What, if anything, can be done to overcome any resistance to this technique?
  2. List and describe some Web site design features that impact online purchasing.
  3. What are some of the difficulties in providing services in an online environment? What factors differentiate the services sector from the retail sector, for example?
  4. Briefly outline the types of information an organization would gather before writing the organizations information security policy document.
  5. Briefly describe the most important functions to look for in project management software and why they are important.

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