What is the hardest aspect of selling?

  1. Salesperson interview

A “salesperson” may be anyone who acts in a selling capacity such as a medical equipment sales representative, an entrepreneur selling his/her new product, a Deloitte partner who sells his/her accounting services…


Each student is required to conduct an informational interview with a sales person and produce a typed two to three page, 12 font, single spaced report that answers the following questions:

  1. What are three attributes of a high-performing sales person?
    1. High achiever – Be able to set goals and measure your performance in comparison to those goals
    2. Empathy – Being able to read and identify with the customers/clients. As salespeople we have to understand the other end, the consumer. We have to respect and establish a rapport with them by standing along their side and not being judgmental.
    3. Confident and Curiosity – Be knowledgeable in the products/services you sale to your customers/clients, it would drive higher result of sale.
  2. What is the hardest aspect of selling?
    1. Rejection of a customer’s purchase is sometimes hard. Not always a customer coming in to our Apple campus store is ready to make a purchase. We have to understand that we cannot always push for a purchase and “seal the deal”. Handling a rejection is an important part in this process to be a better salesman.
  3. Why is it critical to understand buyers’ motivation to purchase?
    1. It is highly critical, since we all have wants and needs. Understanding what drives the customers to buy our products will help us develop an effective sales and marketing messages. Also, high motivation to purchase now leads to higher motivation to purchase our products in the future as long we understand the customer.
  4. Why is it important to develop a personal and professional relationship with a prospective buyer?
    1. It is all about creating and maintaining relationships with our customers; whether they are coming to purchase a new product or only to receive help to troubleshoot an Apple product. Customer-Store relationship is what drives sales. We have to built trust with our customers, so they would always know they could come back to the store to shop and receive the highest care and experience.
  5. What are the best aspects of the sales profession?
    1. See the smile on people’s face when they walk out of the store. Knowing that I just made someone’s life easier and happier by solving his or her problems.
  6. What knowledge and skills are necessary to be successful in a sales career?
    1. People oriented – Listen to your customers/clients
    2. Curiosity – Always drive yourself to learn. Knowledge and information are key parts to success
    3. Achiever – Setting goals and doing our best to achieve them.
    4. Believe in what you sale – often times people are trying to sale a product they do not believe in, which creates a bad rapport with the customers.
  7. What role does ethics play in building a sustainable long-term buyer relationship?
    1. Ethics plays a big role in building a sustainable long-term buyer relationship. Business code of conduct, ethical principles and integrity are key parts in business’ success in the long run. Customers trust us, the sales representatives to conduct the highest customer service. We have to honor that code of ethics in order to build a sustainable relationship with our customers. If we did not conduct good ethic principles in the business, our reliability as a business would have been low. Thus, we would not be able to maintain long-term relationship.
  8. Describe a typical work day
    1. A typical workday at the Apple store would be to first make sure the store is clean, neat and shiny. We are making sure all products are in place and organized before any customer walk into the store. The store manager always making sure before the start of day to brief us about any new promotions or products’ price change. At the store we not only selling products, we are also assisting customers by troubleshooting their Apple devices, from iPods to Macs. Sales at the store happens naturally, most people come in knowing what they need and want, we are just making sure we are giving them the highest service possible, so they would always want to come back. Some other times customer would walk into the store not knowing exactly what they are looking for, so we would jump right in for the rescue to give advices and tips of what they should buy without pushing them to make the final decision of purchase. When reaching the last minutes to closing time, we lock the doors and letting the last people make their purchases, organizing the store and making the end of day sales report.
  9. Why would you recommend a career in sales?
    1. Sales career is not only because of the money. I would recommend a career in sales for one main reason, people. If you love working with people, solve people’s problems, curious and high achiever, sales is the job for you. I would not be in this business if I did not get any satisfaction from successfully closing a deal. When I see a customer’s satisfied and happy after I assisted them in a problem, it means the world to me and I hope for other Sales people too. That’s why I believe that a career in sales could lead to an amazing opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

For information on how to schedule and conduct an Informational Interview reference:

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