What is the nature of the conflict/agreement?

For the assignment, you must find a recent event from an article (from over the past 12 months) in which there was a conflict or a negotiated agreement between two or more parties and write an analysis of at least two pages on the event. The article can pertain to any entity in corporate America, the government, education, etc. In your response, please address the following:

  • What is the nature of the conflict/agreement? How did it arise? Who are the parties/people involved?
  • What has been done (or what is being done) to manage the conflict or bring about the agreement?
  • If it is a conflict, has it been resolved? Why or why not?
  • Your personal thoughts/recommendations concerning the matter

Elaborate upon the situation at hand (be detailed), and be careful not to go off on any tangents (analyze the situation directly). Make sure to reference the article and include a link to it if possible. Your paper must be at least two pages, typed in APA formatAnswer

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