What is the role of a project-steering committee in an IT project?

Question 1 and 2 should be more than 100 words. The rest should be at least 50 words each. Please comply with the reference given below.
This is not an essay.

1.What is the role of a project-steering committee in an IT project? Who might be members of that committee? Why?
2.Benefits of outsourcing include: cost savings, ability to concentrate on other core business areas, implementation of wide initiatives, ability to move resources to other areas, varied skills, reduction in training expense, greater flexibility. Question: Is it difficult to bring the outsourced area back “in-house”?
3.What are the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing the IT function?
4.Some organization outsource so they don’t have to hire an IT staff. On the other hand, some organization have an IT staff but still outsource. Some companies outsource so their staff can learn the latest technology while having the older system outsourced for maintenance purposes. Either way, outsourcing is needed to keep processes flowing effectively. One corporation I worked for outsourced half of their project managers to keep up with a growing demand. This caused a huge problem as the full time employees who worked for the corporation began to get concerned that the outsourced team may take their job.

How can an organization break down the barrier between the two groups: the in house team and the outsourced team?

  1. Companies often decide to outsource to fulfill a need.?The need may be that the organization does not have the staff, expertise or?skills needed to maintain a system/department. Specifically in IT, the industry?changes very rapidly. Once a company decides to outsource IT the newly acquired?outsourced team must still be managed to ensure a quality outcome. One way to?manage a team is to consider implementing??a governance team. The IT team’s performance must be effective and they must be?able to deliver a quality product. A governance team will be able to focus on?establishing and enforcing standards that all team members, even outsourced?team members, must adhere to.

1.What is the role of the governance team? ??
2.How can it help manage the quality of service the outsourced team delivers???

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