What method of sales force organization would be most appropriate for a national company that sells a computerized billing system for small physician practices?

After studying chapter 13 and 14, do the following assignment and submit it through the Turnitin link shown below this assignment.
Chapter 13:
What method of sales force organization would be most appropriate for: (a) a national company that sells a computerized billing system for small physician practices, and (b) a manufacturer of adhesive bandages and sutures? A manufacturer of prosthetic devices has decided to review his company’s sales compensation system. Historically, salespeople were paid on straight salary. While the company has grown in recent years, the president is concerned that the sales force could gener¬ate more sales volume. A major part of the sales job is missionary, yet with the increasing number of physician groups expanding into rehabilitation medicine, a new target market is possible. The manufacturer is also concerned that not all the products in the line have the same margin. What form of compensation would you recommend?
Chapter 14:
At a recent strategic planning retreat of a 40¬person multispecialty group, the administrator made a presentation that focused on the coming year’s plans to establish the organization’s first two primary care satel¬lites, which would be located in the two growing sub¬urbs of the community. These new additions would require the hiring of four family practitioners and other support staff. When the administrator finished her pre¬sentation, one of the most senior physicians stood up and said, “This is a foolish expenditure. We’re so busy now in this group, we can’t even see another patient. Our revenue was up 14 percent according to the previous financial presentation we heard. There is no reason to change what we’re doing.” How might you respond to this physician? A medical group recently conducted an advertis¬ing campaign for its new pediatric orthopedics depart¬ment. After four weeks, a telephone survey found that 42 percent of the families with children under the age of 18 years were aware of the service. Six months later, it found that 12 percent had actually used the service, and 3 percent said they were regular users of the facility for their children’s orthopedic needs. Compare this organization’s advertising performance to that of the hospital discussed in Table 14–7 in this chapter. How does this organization compare in terms of its media, creative, and service effectiveness ratios? Where might the medical group need to make adjustments? For this medical group the advertising control num¬bers were as follows:

Number Aware of Service


Tried Service


Regularly Used Service


Media Effectiveness Ratio


Creative Effectiveness Ratio

12%/42% = 28.5%

Service Effectiveness Ratio

Take Quiz 6 that covers chapters 13 and 14.
Submission Requirements: 1. Written answer of 100 words or more in APA style for all the questions, so ample explanations in your own words based on your rationale and experience are needed to get an “A” Submit this assignment through the turnitin link shown below. Please, check carefully the originality of your submission. The answers must be 100% original. Do not include questions in the submission, just the answers.The instructor will not accept any percentage of similarity with external sources; if there is similarity, your work will be considered invalid. If you have any question, contact your instructor

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