Where do you want to go?

As we near the end of the semester, think about which animals/ecosystems you’d like to explore further. Which do you want to see in the wild?
Plan a vacation for 2018 to go see a specific animal or habitat anywhere in the world (try something outside of the US, definitely out of CA).
Write this in a word document, inserting pictures as necessary. Save as a doc or PDF, then upload your finished work.

Best time of year to see the specific animal
What behaviors you would expect to see (breeding, feeding, migrating, etc)
In what way would you be able to interact with them? (SCUBA license needed? Boat, swim, cage dive, helicopter?)  
Minimum budget needed for a three day, two-night stay, including travel and lodging expenses
One example of research being conducted on the animal or ecosystem

Expected answers/points (40 points total):

(2) Location: City, State, Country. Picture of map.
(2) When will I go? Month, year
(8) Purpose of trip: Why are you going here, at this time? 50 word minimum. Include a PICTURE
(8) What research is being conducted on the animal/ecosystem you’re visiting. Name a scientist and describe their research. 50 word minimum
(5) How will I get there? Give details, including mode of transport
(5) Where will I stay? Give details
(8) What activities will I participate in that involve the animal/ecosystem I’m visiting: Give details.
(2) Budget required?

Where do you want to go?

San Juan Island, WA over the summer to watch Orcas feed on salmon.
Antarctica in February to see humpback whales feed
Trinidad and Tobago to see Manatees during the wet season
Interact with “friendly” Gray whales in Baja Mexico in March

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