Which of the following anatomical locations would contain the diaphysis?

Which of the following anatomical locations would contain the diaphysis?


A. Metatarsal

B. Tibia

C. Septum

D. Diaphragm

A patient comes to the clinic complaining of nausea, vomiting, fever, dizziness, and intermittent confusion. The physician conducts a detailed history and examination and reviews the patient’s lab results. The patient is diagnosed with pyelonephritis and is scheduled for an ultrasound to review the state of the kidneys and other organs. What CPT and ICD-10-CM codes are assigned?


A. 76775-TC, N15

B. 71010-26, B12

C. 76775-26, N10

D. 73256-TC, M11.   A female patient is diagnosed with breast cancer of the lower-inner quadrant of the right breast. The patient undergoes a modified radical mastectomy of the right breast in an attempt to circumvent the spread of the cancer to any secondary anatomical sites. The procedure was performed in three stages. In addition to the radical mastectomy, the physician also performed a right breast biopsy to treat the breast tumor in the lower-inner quadrant. What ICD-10-CM and CPT codes are assigned?


A. 15852-58, Z48.01

B. 19307-58-RT, 19101-59-RT, C50.311

C. 19307-RT, 19101-RT, C50.211

D. 11602, 15240, C50.312

The concept of confidentiality can be substantiated based on the right of


A. easement.

B. constitutionality.

C. totality.

D. privacy.

The abbreviation INH indicates what route of drug administration?


A. Inhaled and intrathecal administration

B. Intrathecal injection

C. Inhalant solution

D. Inhaled and intravenous administration


A patient is seen in the physician’s office after the results of an earlier mammogram demonstrated microcalcification in the right breast as well as a breast lesion. The lesion is excised using needle localization. The patient’s final diagnosis is fibrosclerosis of the right breast. What CPT and ICD-10-CM codes are assigned?


A. 19123-RT, H16.11

B. 19126-LT, M25.1

C. 19125-RT, N60.31

D. 19120-RT, L10.11

What is the code description for 65101-LT?


A. Removal of ocular implant performed laterally

B. Biopsy of cornea performed on the lower third of the cornea

C. Enucleation of eye, without implant, performed on the left side of the body

D. Fine needle aspiration of orbital contents on the left third of the orbit

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