Why did the author of this week’s reading find it necessary to compare the European and North American systems; are they really that different?

Why did the author of this week’s reading find it necessary to compare the European and North American systems; are they really that different? How do costs of transportation impact global trade? 
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The book for this class is  :Leinbach, T. R., & Capineri, C. (2007). Globalized Freight Transport : Intermodality, E-commerce, Logistics and Sustainability. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar. Chapters 1-5; 10 

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Good afternoon;
With globalization coming to the forefront, the global economy has become ever 
entwined.  America and Europe have great interdependency and were the focus 
of this week’s readings. Through the use of STELLA (Sustainable Transport in Europe
with Linkages and Liaisons with America) and STAR (Sustainable Transportable 
Analysis and Research) there was an ongoing dialog for the furtherance of 
globalization to include its impacts across both Europe and North America.  both 
continents are continually looking for ways to refine the transportation systems 
each uses for both goods and people.  I don’t think they are really that different 
each utilizes its current transportation system as manageable as possible. “emerging 
global production networks (GPN) that have been established as a consequence of
innovations in information and communications technology and of  the increasing 
degree of global economic and social integration coined as globalization.” With the 
Innovations that have come from globalization the impacts on the transportation in
industry have been vast.  The impacts are interesting to note that they have been 
mirrored on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  Corporations are finding it less expensive
to outsource the production of smaller components of their products as well as the 
transportation to and from their factories.  This is lead to a huge strain on the 
transportation system as it stands.  Looking to get ahead of potential problems from 
the future the author took the case of Europe and America and how some of the 
instrumented policies are going to play out to change the face of Transportation. One 
of the most impactful things that can happen to a society or population is when the 
little things fail.  Having transportation fail would be just such a case.  Governments 
both here and abroad have taken note of this fact.  Issuing both law and measures to 
ensure that fuel prices stay at a stable price point, and furthering reductions in 
greenhouse emissions. This is part of the forcing function to change transportation 
behaviors, giving the transportation industry the ability to make economic changes as 
well as environmental.  
Globalized Freight Transport : Intermodality, E-Commerce, Logistics and Sustainability
, edited by T.R. Leinbach, and C. Capineri, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2007. ProQuest
Ebook Central, http://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/apus/detail.action?docID=283363.

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