Why does conflict occur?

The outline must contain an introduction section with thesis statement, a body section that identifies the five conflict topics that you will use in your Final Paper and includes supporting material for each topic, and a conclusion section which reinforces the thesis statement established in the introduction. Be sure to include a bibliography with at least two of the sources that you will use for your Final Paper. Please make sure that the sources that you use are listed in the APA format.

Conflict Topics for the Final Paper

1.Why does conflict occur?
2. The positive and negative effects of conflict
3. Communication techniques
4. Forgiveness
5. Mediation and arbitration

So your outline labels would look like this:

I. This is my first main point
   A. This is the first subpoint.
        i. This would be my first sub-subpoint
        ii. This would be my second sub-subpoint
   B. This would be my second subpoint
   C. This would be my third subpoint
II. This would be my second main point.

For the introduction and conclusion sections of your outline, you can leave those as complete paragraphs.  I am only looking for you to follow the proper outline format in the body section of your paper.

Please remember that each point or subpoint in the body section of your paper should be a complete sentence.  I do NOT want you to use a single word or short phrase for your points or subpoints.

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