Why is genetic engineering such a controversial ethical issue?

Why is genetic engineering such a controversial ethical issue?

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Why is genetic engineering such a controversial ethical issue?

This is a simple question: what was your favorite topic of this class and why?

America sends tons of rice and/or grain to nutritionally poor third world countries, to help with the malnutrition and starvation. There was a question posed once which had to do with genetically enriching the rice that we give to third world countries, with vitamin A, to prevent certain conditions agitated by malnutrition. This is always a question that must be considered with these new genetically enriched and grown foods. Do you think that we should genetically enhance food that we send to third world countries? What about the possible bad effects that this genetically enriched food could cause?
What should be done if there are no other resources? Should we consider the implications of this type of resource over the benefit? Please share your thoughts on these issues.

Discuss the use of biotechnology and genetic engineering for medical, environmental, legal, and pharmaceutical uses. What are the pros and cons to our society?

If an individual in a third world country could not live very long without nutritionally enhance rice, would you consider genetically enhancing the rice that America gives these countries, to contain Vitamin A to help prevent diseases suffered from malnutrition such as ricketts?

Please participate (respond) to the classmate’s answers with POSITIVE notable and educational input. (200 word minimum Reponses)

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