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Assignment- Read Business Ethics e-book by Weise J.W (2014) Chapter 7, “Employee Stakeholders, and the Corporation,” pages 424-497. Examine topics such as sexual discrimination, the employer and employee contract, equal employment opportunity, and affirmative action. Length of paper is 900- 1,500 words, double –spaced pages, font, and font size Arial, 10 point

This is the second component of your course project. In this assignment, you will return to the company-wide dilemma that you wrote about in the Unit 2 assignment (Written about Gender Pay Equality). Please note that you will incorporate this paper into your final project, due in Unit 10.

For this assignment, consider how a company’s social responsibility can affect the workplace, stakeholders, clients, and other outside parties. Complete the following:

    • Describes in general terms how a company’s social responsibility policy can complement its obligation to maximize profits for shareholders. Where might these goals conflict?
    • Explain how you think the ethical issue itself might be affecting employees, considering the specific company dilemma you discussed in the Unit 2 assignment. How about shareholders? Clients? Outside parties?
    • State the approaches to ethical decision making (as discussed in Chapter 2 of your text) you would recommend for creating a policy to solve the issue. Explain.
    • Write an overview of a company policy that could be created, based on this decision-making approach, to address the ethical dilemma.
    • Explain the effects your policy might have on employees, if the company actually used the policy you just described. What would be the effects on shareholders? On clients? On other outside parties? Please consider both the potential positive and negative outcomes.