Writing a psychology research paper is not easy; First, because it’s sometimes long and tiresome, second is that it requires you to do intense research about the topic you’re provided.
You don’t want to hand over an assignment that you’re not confident whether you wrote it well.
A few students find writing a psychology research paper a hard task. They throw in the towel. Some students prefer ordering these kinds of papers online, which can be a better idea if you aren’t apt in the task.

What’s a Psychology Research Paper?

PsychologyAs one might mention, psychology is a branch of science that deals with personal life, it has a lot to do with the brain, and how it functions.
A psychology research paper aims to tell the reader a new idea; you ought to explain a new experiment, a theory, you ought to solve a problem while performing that research.
Before you begin jotting down your paper, here is what you should know:
If you’re given psychology research as an assignment, it can be either one of these:

 A literature review:

You are required to write a paper citing from other sources. The lecturer will always expect you to cite at least 5 references to get a good understanding of the research.
The number of pages matters too; it should be between 9 to 20 pages.

 An experimental type/lab report

In this kind of paper, your lecturer gives you an experiment to perform in the lab.
It’s often in a question form, so, you’re to find the conclusion of that research and present your findings in the form of a research paper.
You’ll include your methodology and results in good order.

What you should do before writing a psychology research paper

Having known which kind of a psychology research paper you’re required to write, it’s time you sit down and think of content.
Some of the things you ought to think are: what to write about, where to get the resources to study, how to write it, and so many other things. You’ve to put everything in place to ensure you write and deliver an excellent paper!

 Have your ideas in place

You need to structure your writing in your head long before you put it down on paper.
Before writing this guide, I already knew what the results should be. I had to ensure you’ve full information on how to write a psychology research paper before I can stop typing. Otherwise, I could have done nothing to help you.
Ideally, you should know what your paper should solve in the end. How you’ll arrive there, is another trick, which I’ll show you.

 Have a research strategy

You should know which books you’re going to read. Where you’ll get them and if they can be of help to you.
As mentioned earlier, sometimes a psychology paper can be a literature review. You’ll need to cite information from books.
While developing a research strategy, you should list these books and have them when beginning to write.
You’ll then constantly cite the information you get from these books in your paper, to avoid plagiarism (which can be a form of stealing someone’s work)

 Draw an outline to guide you

If there’s something that will always help a writer when he or she is writing, is an outline.
Reasons are; one, it will guide you from making mistakes, and two is that it’ll save your time. You don’t want to divert from your topic and your format.
An outline will also make your paper great. Taking the time to create an outline is a good idea. Your framework should reflect your final paper.
There are guides on how to develop a great outline on the internet. Just Google and you’ll get.

Writing your Psychology  Paper

Having developed a research strategy, you have an outline, which is appropriately revised and edited; it’s time to write your paper.
A few things are to be taken into consideration when writing your paper. One is that a psychology research paper has sections. These sections are relevant because they lead up to solving the research question.
Here are the parts of the research paper:

  • The Introduction
  • The body /methodology
  • The conclusion
    In details, here is what’s in each section:

The Introduction

It constitutes the title and a thesis statement. Your introduction ought to be great and appealing. It should capture the lecturer attention and prompt him or her to continue reading.
The title is the center of it all, plus the thesis statement. Anything else that you develop should support these two.
Your title should be short and concise. It should also be bolded.
Take time to come up with a properly-research thesis statement. It’s by having these that you’re sure your paper is going to be awesome.

The body

The body should give methods. It should provide a procedure that somebody can follow and solve a problem. What’s essential in the body is:

  •  The participants: Those who took part in performing the research, their age, and sexes. Taking into consideration that sometimes research is given to a group of students.
  • Materials: If the research type was a lab report, you ought to list the materials you used in the body of the paper.
  • Procedure: The procedure should be in the correct and logical structure to avoid confusion.
    The body section always consists of many subsections. It’s good to know all these and follow them. They aim is to ensure that your work is easy to read and understand.

    The conclusion

    Your conclusion should wind up everything. As you might say, it should give a solution, a recommendation, and a call to action.
    It should have solved the problem and given results.
    Writing an excellent psychology research paper becomes easy if you follow this guide.
    You noted that the first section was to put things straight on what’s expected of you. Once you know what you ought to do, the writing of a psychology research paper becomes easy and fun.