There are different types of paper format that you either would like too format your paper in or as per your lectures instructions. This folder much is discussed regarding the different styles of formatting used when writing a research paper. These include;

The Guide

How to Format a Research Paper in APA Format
This article gives guidance to writing a paper in APA and discusses in details the steps to follow to the conclusion of the paper
How to Format Research Paper in Chicago Format Style

In this article, Chicago style as a format of writing is discussed with the end notes and footnotes, the common elements of Chicago referencing taking center stage.

How to Write a Research Paper in IEEE Format

Often, students obtain significant results, but they lack the skills on publishing them. In this guide, we are going to show you how to write a research paper in IEEE format.

How to write a research paper in MLA format

This guide provides essential tips for writing and formatting research paper in MLA as well as the guideline for work cited page.

How to Write a Research Paper in Harvard

This style of formatting is widely used in the UK and Australia for the humanities papers. This article explains in detail how to format a paper in the Harvard style…..