A bibliography is the list of sources used in compiling a research paper written by the paper service or the students themselves. Also known as a reference list, is a critical section of any research paper. This guide will demonstrate to you how writing Bibliography for a research paper is easy. The bibliography section often appears at the end of the writing and titled as “References,” “Work Cited” or “Bibliography.”

What is the Importance of Bibliography?


A bibliography is essential for any research paper as it helps to avoid any accusation of plagiarism. Also, it serves to give fair credit to the original authors of the content in your research work and allow whoever is reading your write-up to check on the original sources in case they need further details. The list of reference also gives authority to your research paper and is an indication that the information collected is accurate.

What style should I format my Bibliography?

The bibliography style you use depends on the type of research paper. The American Psychological Association (APA) and Modern Language Association (MLA) are the most commonly used bibliography styles for writing research papers at high school, college and university levels. Other methods include Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, and Vancouver. Your tutor or professor should indicate to you which style to use. Regardless of the style used in listing your list of sources, the bibliography should be formatted in a way that your entries are sorted in alphabetical order, beginning with the author’s last name. If the source has no author, then you need to sort by title. Always indent any each subsequent by ½ inch for those references that go more than a single line. Also, format the list in single space for any reference style.