Patient Care Study of patient suffered from Acute Ischemic Stroke

Topic: Patient Care Study of patient suffered from Acute Ischemic Stroke
Paper details:

All of the following (1-5) must base on the attached file: Case study V1.0

1. Introduction/ learning objectives (200 words)
The reason of choosing this patient for study
The learning objectives

2. Diagnosis (CVA) and applied physiology (300 words)
States the diagnosis (CVA), disease process and the management, briefly explained the related anatomy and physiology

3. Patient Care Plan (1200 words)
Formulate an individualized care plan using Nursing Process Approach/ Demonstrate holistic care with collaboration with other health care professionals.

a. Patient Profile and Nursing Assessment
Include patient’s social-demographic data, medical history and clinical information. Perform comprehensive nursing assessment including specialty specific assessment methods and tools.
b. Nursing diagnosis and identification of patient’s problem
Identified problems (at least 3 nursing diagnosis) or health issues should be evidenced by data found in patient or from nursing assessment.
c. Setting of Goals and expected outcomes
Should be measurable, realistic with time frame.
d. Implementation of nursing care plans and nursing interventions
Describe appropriate interventions with rationales.
e. Evaluation of care
Evaluate the progress and outcomes.

4. Related pharmacology (300 words)
State the actions, uses and side effects of drugs (rTPA, Aspirin, Pepcidine, Zocor, Norvasc) prescribed to the patient.
Described the nursing implications and related health advice to patient.

5. Conclusion/discussion/ recommendation/ reflection (300 words)
Conclude/discuss and reflect on the care process with regard to the patient or to the specialty practice.

6. References
Include at least 10 different referencing sources in APA format.


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