The HR manager of Delta Corp.

The HR manager of Delta Corp.: According to our rewards and recognition program, employee achievements are acknowledged and employees are given gift vouchers through emails on reaching milestones and targets. I feel this is not enough to make employees feel appreciated. In my previous company, work anniversaries and professional achievements were celebrated in organization-wide meetings, where the concerned employee would be publicly rewarded. After all, I would love it if my efforts were recognized like this! Therefore, such an idea would be a great success in our company.

The HR manager’s argument is flawed because it:​

  • ​fails to prove that employees of Delta Corp. feel unappreciated.
  • ​dismisses the possibility of increasing the value of the gift vouchers that are given to the employees at present.
  • ​fails to recognize the effort put in by his team to implement the existing rewards and recognition program.
  • ​fails to consider that other people might perceive appreciation differently than him.

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