Does Art Cause Violence? 

Does Art Cause Violence?
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Cause and Effect Essay
Length: 4 to 7 pages – Sources (3 or more) -Typed Double Spaced Times New Roman or Ariel Font 12 Your goal is to write a 4 to 7 page essay that explores the causal chain of events behind a social or environmental phenomenon. You may also explore the consequences of each cause. Avoid making a judgment call or suggesting solutions to the phenomenon/issue with this paper (only focus on cause and effect not how to fix) Your essay will use appropriate MLA (Modern Language Association) formats.

Topic Suggestions:

Does Art Cause Violence?

The trend toward home schooling (or private schools) is (or is not) improving the quality of education or how people interact socially, etc.

One parent families (media violence, bullying, poor nutrition, and so on) is (or is not) the cause of emotional and behavioral problems in children.

Firearms control laws (or right to carry handgun laws) reduce or increase violent crimes.

Pornography (or increase in sexual images in the media) has or has not caused an increase in violence toward men and women.

One parent families (fast pace of society, two income households, video games, television, and so on) is (or is not) the cause of childhood obesity.

Frivolous Malpractice suits (unhealthy lifestyles and so on) have or have not caused an increase in health care cost to the average family.

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